waiting and waves

mountainWe are almost there. Only steps away from reaching the mountaintop in what has been a long journey of change. Many of us have been preparing ourselves for years and yet there is still a sense of waiting. We cannot yet see the other side. And although we’ve been given amazing glimpses along the way, the veil of fog shrouds our view and indeed, may lift at different times for each of us. Meanwhile, we must contend with this feeling of waiting. This sense of limbo that’s been a common one as the waves of Ascension come and go, moving us further forward up the mountain then leaving us to rest while our body adjusts to its higher state of being. These spaces in between are for integrating new Light but can feel like life is stalling when we’ve become used to the energy of change. Particularly now, when we know we are so close to something beautiful that remains just out of reach. Life can feel flat and tiresome, almost draining and exhausting as we continue to clear and cleanse in preparation for the final steps towards this new world. We’ve done so much healing it can feel as if there couldn’t possibly be anything left to release and at certain times there isn’t. One of the strongest sensations I’ve been experiencing when I am open and clear is waves of Love. So overwhelming that it brings instant tears for no other reason than feeling intense beauty and joy like never before. Quite an odd sensation as I don’t have to be anywhere special, it happens right in the supermarket. But jumbled in with these emotional tides are the waves of anticipation. We know something amazing is occurring but what it means for each of us as individuals will vary according to our own paths. So as we sit with this anticipation and continue to feel the deep rumblings stirring us awake, we become aware of our readiness to embrace the Light and for the moment that is ours when the Light embraces us.


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