It’s a warm clear night as I sit and watch the first glimpses of tonight’s Full Moon rising up through the trees. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse has been described as a Crystal Moon in that it will close off the Eclipse season and begin to energize the crystalline elements of the Planet in readiness for the new frequencies of the Solstice. It’s already been a big week of integrating high levels of Cosmic Light with many insights coming forth via the Heart Chakra and I’m feeling increased sensitivities and the need for even more amounts of water to aid the expansion. And with only 2 weeks remaining until 12.12.12 it’s likely the intensity of the energy will continue, inspiring us to remain clear and focussed on our intention to let go, simplify and heal. I’ve set a row of crystals alongside my Lemurian Seed up on the window sill to soak in tonight’s moonlight infused energy and as we take the time to absorb all we have learnt so far it can only spark our desire to open ourselves fully to the Universal wonder that’s out there. It has been a long road of recalibration yet the anticipation of what’s to come is still strengthening. These are truly amazing times where the real beauty in life is found in the divine nature of ourselves, in the light of our Heart and in the energy of All That Is.


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