the peridot stargate

After writing my last post, I meditated on Easter Island asking for more information and understanding on the Island and Lemuria. Almost immediately I was guided to a channelling of Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn published only yesterday in the Galactic Free Press. Not being familiar with past Metatron channellings, it was of great surprise to read how Easter Island is known as the ‘Peridot Stargate’, one of the most powerful vortexial portals on the Planet due to its placement in Cosmic angular alignments. The portal brings in massive amounts of energies to the Planet which are enhanced by large crystalline pockets of Olivine Quartz, or Peridot, within the Island’s volcanic structure. What’s more amazing is that as a multi-dimensional gateway, the energy of Easter Island is so powerful it was the original gateway to the Earth-plane for early humans to enter their life on the ancient land of Mu, the large continent stretching across the Pacific Ocean and home to the Lemurian civilization. What’s visible of Rapa Nui now is the remnants of one of Mu’s mountaintops and although centuries of changing weather patterns have battered the isolated and desolate landscape, it was once a lush land of towering trees, crystal waters, misty rain and vibrant rainbows with the peaceful Lemurian beings living side by side with the animals and elementals in their golden pyramids and marble temples under the vibrant dome of light of the Aurora Borealis. This Utopian phase of Lemuria was the existence on Earth prior to the duality of Humanity and is a deep memory for many of us before the planet evolved into the physical realm of 3D, the time when Lemurians either moved into physical bodies, left the Earth-plane or continued to live in multi-dimensionality in Inner Earth, as is often associated with Mount Shasta. The standing stone statues of Rapa Nui are said to be keys to the original Lemurian energy as they are embedded with Celestial Energy that works with the auric fields of those who hold high levels of Light. But it is in awe that I read Easter Island is being anchored for a major role in the coming Cosmic Shift as the point of reunion for all Lemurians, Pleiadians and Sirians. Rapa Nui is the Sacred Portal for Healing, Balance and Remembrance and is calling out to all for their return in 2013 to receive the Codes of Remembrance and the Crystalline Light of the Peridot. Rapa Nui carries the imprint of Lemuria and the energy of Home. I think I’m speechless.

The full Archangel Metatron channelling via James Tyberonn can be found here


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