delving deep

I recently wrote of my inner desire to start eating Raw but what I wasn’t expecting from this Eclipse season was to be feeling so raw. Even with the intensity that’s been building during these final weeks before the Solstice, I had been able to tap into and flow with the positive energy of rejuvenation and renewal. Of manifesting all kinds of work and creative opportunities that always seem to appear so easily when we’re able to maintain a higher outlook. But Eclipses are catalysts for the unexpected and with the death of a family friend and a paining body from carrying several stitches in my back, I’m overcome with tiredness. My body has been telling me to lie quiet and still. This is difficult during the work week but in the moments I’m able to steal for myself, I can feel the inner depths stirring. It’s that Scorpio energy I’m sure, bringing up all kinds of deep emotions I thought were healed eons ago. I wasn’t ready for the ones that came bursting out last weekend and somehow there’s more. There’s always more. And when I ask my body what it is this energy wants from me, the answer I get is Grief. This Eclipse energy has triggered long buried Grief that needs to be released. I immediately know what this is in relation to but am surprised that after all these years of personal healing this grief is still with me. But then I read on the day after the Eclipse, the asteroid Chiron moved forward after a 5 month retrograde period and Mercury moved further in it’s retrograde cycle back into Scorpio. With the added mix of my own personal Chiron transit, I can see that I’m being given the opportunity to delve in and shine the light on my own inner depths. We often receive our inner most healings and light frequency upgrades when we are still and resting and although the process of experiencing the deeper and darker depths of our psyche can be uncomfortable, with Chiron around it will also be powerful. It is a potent time in this current 2 week window between Eclipses but there is much to suggest that if we allow ourselves to slow down and engage with what is being revealed we can gain a deeper awareness of our own situation. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini arrives on Nov 28, 2 days after Mercury turns direct again. Between now and then, be prepared for revelations and for the kind of alchemy that only transpires when we have the courage to open up to the rawness that usually hides within our own vulnerability.


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