As I hear the news of the passing of a close family friend, I watch myself deal with the sadness. Most people are uncomfortable around death and even when you have some element of understanding of what it means, it always seems to remain the most difficult part of our life experience. But we have to remind ourselves that Souls choose their own timing for leaving this Earth and all is always as it should be. Once they leave the physical body Souls return through the multi-dimensional portals back to our Spiritual Home where they are lovingly welcomed by their Guide and other Souls from their close Soul group. As they are surrounded by the intense Love and Light that is our Spiritual essence the experience of dying is usually integrated quickly and although they may initially long to tell those they’ve left behind how much they will always love them, Souls will usually absorb the Light so quickly they will move back into the Spiritual world with ease. Once back Home, they realize they can always tune into life here on Earth and are able to watch or send Love to those who remain whenever they want. And as more people on Earth open up to their Spiritual light, we too can sense that those we are spiritually connected to never really leave us. Departed Souls always bring back the Truth of what life is about. It always was and always is only about Love. Nothing else on this busy planet matters. We are here to create and experience Love and it’s related emotions through our physical bodies. This is the core of any Spiritual teaching and all that remains when we simplify our life. Death is strange in how it brings people together. It’s the one sure way of making people drop everything and connect and a timely reminder that even if you’re physically alone, as I am, there is always someone out there, even at a distance, who you can share your love, kindness and compassion with. Go find them.


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