If the impetus for change is not already pushing its way into your life, it soon will. There are now less than 50 days until the December Solstice and with 2 Eclipses coming up in November, Mercury going Retrograde and Neptune moving forward, it’s a packed month with a myriad of planetary energies. And with the emphasis on Scorpio, it can only mean one thing. Rebirth. Mercury retrogrades are widely known as periods for reflection so these next 3 weeks could be seen as a time for internal review. Of going within and looking at where we’ve been, how it’s shaped who we are and where we want to go from here. Neptune brings the element of dreams so we have a chance to rewrite the story. What is it we truly want and how much do we value what we already have. But as Eclipses have a tendency to bring in bursts of unexpected change it’s time to become conscious of what we normally keep hidden. With the energy in Scorpio it’s possible something will come out into the open whether we’re ready for it or not. This rebalancing of our Light and Shadow selves has always been about Authenticity, of finding our Soul Truth and living it wholeheartedly. When we remove ourselves from the conformist ways of the collective consciousness and gain the power that’s generated by conscious living, we move in the realm of the Heart. This is renewal at a core level. We experience intensified feelings for what’s right for us and what’s not. There’s heightened senses to the small pleasures and to the natural grace and beauty that’s around us. An open Heart Chakra shifts life into a new light and for me it’s tinted Pink. The colour of the Heart. I’m aware of everything around me reflecting the warm tones of Pink from the clothes on my back, to the linen on my bed and the crystals around my neck. Even this blog is now bathed in Pink, a beautiful winter sunset outside my home. It’s time to refresh, to make space for the new and to embrace the natural flow of change from our inner place of peace.


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