facing change

One of the things we face on the Ascension road is constant change. There is a Spiritual Law stating Like attracts Like, so as our personal vibration changes it’s natural for us to attract different things into our life. We no longer resonate with anything based in the old ways and whether it be people, places, activities, interests, beliefs or even food, anything that’s no longer matching our vibration will eventually drop away. I’ve experienced many of these things leave my world and some things are definitely easier to let go of than others but resisting the process doesn’t bring anything back, we just suffer the feelings of loss until we’re ready to accept the new. But as we open our eyes to what’s in front of us, we begin to understand these changes are taking us to a higher place. And even if our minds are still in denial, it’s likely our Heart will know it’s better than where we were. But our Ego can play tricks on us as we move through these changes, trying to convince us we won’t survive if we don’t have something in our lives or do something a particular way or see the things we’ve always had around us. But we can and we will. For me now, it’s facing a radical diet overhaul as I sense being directed from a largely vegetarian to a vegan or even raw food diet. And even when I think I could never give up certain foods, the changes come in so fast I find my body suddenly won’t digest or has lost the taste for foods I’ve always loved. My body is travelling faster than my mind on this one and what I was happily eating yesterday doesn’t even want to be on my plate today. Rapid change can feel like life is testing our fluidity, especially if we cling to familiar routines such as diet but as our body fills with increasing levels of Light we need to listen to the messages that comes with it. Mine is saying ‘Eat like a Bird’. I’m not sure what that means yet but I’m guessing I’m heading towards a life of nuts and berries. Which makes me smile as I once thought about living a life of nuts and berries about 10 years ago but never acted on it. So even if the messages have always been there, it’s just a matter of time before the Ego drops away enough to enable our Intuition to open up to them.


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