living in light

As we travel through what can be a daunting process in the early stages of Ascension, it can be hard to imagine life beyond the upheaval. But in doing the heavy work to transmute our lower, denser energies, we are actually making room for more Light. This might be hard to comprehend when in the midst of exhaustion or feeling the uncomfortable feelings of loss and it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking we cannot offer any good to anyone when everything is falling apart. But Ascension is a natural process of losing the Ego, of moving from a Mind-led consciousness to a Heart-based consciousness and a flailing ego will struggle to the end in it’s instinctive nature to protect. But if we stay strong in our understanding of the bigger picture, all that no longer serves us will fall away and we will eventually find ourselves in a new place. And without the heaviness of the old dragging us down, we will literally be lighter and freer than we could ever imagine. We will arrive in a new world where we feel revitalized, creative and inspired. Where we value simplicity, find joy in the little things and beauty in the ordinary. Where we feel light and breezy and a stronger connection to the sea because that’s our true essence. We are Light. We are Air. We are Water. This is life in the Light, in a higher vibrating reality. We not only feel connected to All that Is, we know we are connected because we experience it in our heightened feelings for all living things and our deeper connection to our surroundings. We find a new outlook on life, the reason for it and our purpose in it and we no longer resonate with anything based in old ways. Living in Light doesn’t make us immune to life’s challenges. We still face choices and we still feel planetary energies. But holding more Light helps us move through life with more clarity. Without the interference of the drama and struggle of the old, we can use our new sense of knowing to feel the way forward. This is the energy of the new Earth and it’s here for everyone. Some are already here, some are still on their way. It doesn’t matter where you are on the Ascension road, if you are truly living in the Light you will lose the desire for comparison. You are where you are and there is no other place to be.


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