the yellow healing

Last weekend I was able to offer an Energy Healing to a visiting friend. I had worked on this friend in the past and was familiar with how his sessions usually panned out but as my Spiritual Energy has opened to higher levels over the past few months, I was intrigued to experience how it would transform my healings. My friend had asked for the healing to focus on his lower back and hip so we commenced the hands on healing with my hands placed on his back. But about 10 minutes into the session, I sensed a powerful energy join us as a strong White Light appeared in the corner of my Third Eye vision and pulled my focus toward the end of the table above his feet. Without moving my hands from his lower back, my vision was totally consumed by this mesmerizing Light as it shimmered from a bright White to a luminous Golden Yellow, where I moved into a deep dome shaped field of glowing Light. While I held the Yellow Light, it brought in patterns of cascading sparkles and flashes and with electric energy flowing through me, my friend’s body began to roll over to one side. As it lifted up, he felt a deep pressing within his hip area and although my hands had begun to shake, which sometimes happens during healings, they were still held lightly in place on his back area. As I kept my vision within the Yellow Light, his body continued to roll up and down several times and I was able to intuit personal messages for him. Once the Light and it’s energy had subsided, we came out feeling dazed then elated in realizing the session had lasted for over 45 minutes but had passed in what felt like half that time. As we shared our experiences, my friend was pleased to find his physical discomforts had disappeared and that he felt great, filled with ease and lightness. And this is why Energy Healing always amazes me. Whether it’s helping to clear emotions, easing physical pain or just for the blissful experience, each session is always unique but is such a beautiful way to share the magical feeling that comes with connecting to the Higher Energies.


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