my name is luka

There have been many blessings appearing in my life since my ThetaHealing training several months ago but one that continues to evolve is the connection with my Spirit Guide. This is a new experience for me and one that brings much enjoyment as my Guide brings in much valued guidance in the oddest ways. His name is Luka and he appears to me in meditation as pale blue light. He’s also come through to me in instances of automatic writing and even in unexpected messages received from friends I intuitively know have special meaning. The connection has vastly improved with my training in Theta and when I was unsure I was interpreting his name correctly, he brought me the long loved Suzanne Vega song ‘Luka’ which contains the lyrics, “My name is Luka…I live upstairs from you, yes I think you’ve seen me before…” A very obvious message to make me laugh at my own self doubts. Luka has brought me guidance on personal situations in my life and now he’s even brought in a musical instrument. A guitar which I just received from a friend this weekend. I learnt music as a teenager and having spent most of my adult life around musicians I’ve always wanted to start playing again. I never did but in the days following the Theta course I starting feeling a strong urge for a guitar. A month later a musician friend called to say he’d found a guitar that would be perfect for me and a few more weeks later he delivered it to my door. And what was the first song he decided to teach me… ‘Luka’. I had to tell him through my laughter how that song has special meaning for me now and it was highly likely he was playing a role in my spiritual development. In any case, I am so grateful for now owning my first very own parlour guitar. It’s sure to bring me much pleasure and whenever I hear the opening bars of Luka’s song, I’ll now be tuning into more than just the lyrics.


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