faraway places

I’m feeling the pull of faraway places, waking up each morning with the vision of long distant memories fresh in my mind. I love to travel and spent 2 years in my early twenties visiting many countries across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. I’ve longed to return but life has taken me down many other roads over the past decade and it’s not been possible. But this week I’ve been travelling through my mind, wandering back to places that have stayed with me for many years since. And it may be for more than their natural beauty as the places pulling at me are Santorini, Hawaii and Byron Bay. This is an interesting mix of landscapes and when I look at the underlying energy to understand these longings, I know there’s more to it than the obvious pleasures. These are the strongest areas on the planet for the energy of Atlantis and Lemuria. When I was on Santorini, I spontaneously travelled to Crete and visited the Minoan sites still extant on the island. At the time I remember being pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed being on the island, given I consciously knew nothing of the place beforehand and although I also had little knowledge of Atlantis back then, I believe the first connection to an ancient memory was locked in. Many years later, Atlantis appeared everywhere I looked, one of the obvious signs for me to take note and connect and at the moment I realized it was about a past life in Atlantis I received the dizzy validation from Spirit that I’ve come to know on several other occasions. In recent weeks, the repeated signs have started again and with my expanded awareness I’m now prepared to be open and ready to receive whatever is to come my way. Hawaii and Byron Bay are a little different. I’ve never been to Hawaii but have been drawn to the place ever since the Lemurian connection emerged. But here in Australia we are fortunate to have Byron Bay, a region of extremely beautiful landscape that also holds Lemurian energy. A little closer and easier to reach from where I live although at times difficult to navigate with the increasing crowds. So for now, it’s mind travel for me. Letting photographs and online exploring direct the unravelling of the hidden secrets of these faraway places.


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