healing our one-ness

With Saturn moving into Scorpio and the recent New Moon in Libra, the themes of Self Worth and Self Love are emerging. These are very personal themes as we are the only ones who know how much we value the essence that is our own Self. But with Libra as the sign of balance particularly in relationships and Scorpio representing transformation, there is an opportunity to look at how we value our own personal contributions to the bonds around us and even more so, how we value the relationship we have with our own Self. Knowing who we are at a core level helps us understand our place in the world and if we can be comfortable with what we find, we have a greater chance of reflecting that in those around us. We cannot heal our relationships if we have not healed ourselves first. It’s often said that if we can’t love ourselves we can’t expect the same from another and there’s truth in the notion that to experience True Love we must first hold the same level of Love for ourselves in a full and complete way. True Love never comes to the needy. But from what I see, harmony in relationships is strongest when individuals maintain and nurture their own independent qualities while respecting and supporting those of the other. And so it is not only knowing who we are but accepting what we find, believing in what we have to offer and being willing to foster the expression that is uniquely ours. Connecting with the value of our own Self comes with being alone with one’s Self and liking it. Really being alone. Some find this difficult but over time it can teach us more about who we are than we could ever know. Not many people could say they’ve spent several years on their own only to find a deeper sense of Love than they’ve ever known before. But this is how we heal. It’s all there if we want to find it and it starts with honouring our own One-ness.


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