freedom of me

One of the things I’ve learnt is never to compare your own life situation with others. We are all on different paths and as much as society tries to condition us to aspire to the same things, it just doesn’t work that way. And when I look at my own life, I’m as far from the vision of a typical 40-something female as could be. I live alone, don’t have a partner and have never been able to have children. I don’t have family or friends close by so don’t have other people around me nor do I have any pets. I don’t own a house, I only have the basic of possessions and don’t watch tv, listen to the radio, read newspapers or magazines. But what I do have is an old rented house by the sea, a garden full of flowers, birds and butterflies and a freelance working life that gives me the freedom to draw and create for a modest income. This is as I see it, a transitional phase for me, as I move away from what was the limiting state of mind most of us are conditioned into from our early years towards a richer inner world that is bursting with expression. I’ve come through the tunnel of darkness that is often the experience when we are thrown onto the road of Awakening and I’ve faced the difficulties of trying to maintain a sense of normalcy when there is absolutely nothing normal to hang onto but only the feeling of being a lost beacon adrift in a rough sea. But as I move towards a new shore of a land wide open with the magic of possibilities, I also move away from the limiting notions that society would like to keep us in. I have always been a free thinker but it is only now I can understand how free thinking in an Unawakened state means nothing compared to the vastness of knowledge that’s waiting for us in the Awakened state. The say Heaven is not really in the sky. It is in fact here on Earth. Not so much a place as a state of mind that comes when we are free to let go of the human condition and experience this earthly life from the eyes of our Heart. I may be on my own but I am not alone on my journey. The Heart knows there is a great difference and mine is telling me that for the first time in 40 years, I have the freedom of being me.


2 thoughts on “freedom of me

  1. Namaste Blessed Self,
    Thank you for sharing your magical journey with us, being YOU!
    We are conditioned to fear being alone, when in fact, as my beloved wisely points out alone really means all one. We are never alone.
    Sent in light and love,
    Sri Devi

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