insights from the blue

I recently attended an event where I hoped to receive some kind of insight or revelation relevant to my own path. I’m wary of going into anything with pre-formed expectations as it’s often the case that when we look too hard for something it remains hidden. But I really wanted to connect with something at this event so as I walked around the space I was deliberately conscious of trying not to focus on any one part over another and be open minded about what was being presented. I thought I was doing ok but as I wandered around I felt myself getting disappointed that I wasn’t connecting with anything I was hoping for. So I moved into a corner, tuned out from the crowds and took a few deep breaths. When I looked around I realized I hadn’t even noticed I was wearing the same shade of deep blue that was painted on the walls. That made me feel slightly better, knowing at least I had tapped into something of the event beforehand. So I continued walking around and although I came across things that interested me, I didn’t find that one big connection I was hoping for and eventually reached the end. But as I decided to take one more walk through before leaving, I turned around and some words on a small screen caught my attention. They were part of a slideshow I could easily have missed but in the true nature of synchronicity, I didn’t. What I saw was the name of the village I have recently moved to. This was very unexpected given the event I was attending, so I stopped and watched and through the words and images moving across this screen I saw information that linked my new living location with what I know of a recent past life, a past life that seems to be weighing so heavily on this current one. I had no knowledge of this information beforehand and so standing in front of this little screen, unbeknown to all the people bustling around me, I had the one big moment I’d been hoping for. The kind of teary revelation that allows so much uncertainty to instantly fall into place. As I looked around, no one else was interested in this little screen and they certainly had no idea what was going on inside me. But it reminded me that there are no coincidences in this life. Even if the meaning of our life path is only revealed one step at a time, we are always exactly where we need to be. We have to trust that the information will come and be open to receive to it in the ways we least expect.


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