lemuria calling

Lemuria is new to many but for some it is our past. These subtle energies have been resting beneath the Earth’s surface for thousands of years but they are calling out now. Old Souls know this. They feel it in their Hearts. Awakened to the pull in their Heart Chakra. Old Souls remember. Lemuria was a life of Spirit, of Water, of Healing. Flowing with communion of all Souls. In peace and gentleness. Lemuria is Awakening. Integrating her energy within us as we reconnect to our true Spiritual history. Our real genetic Truth. It is not biology for biology is not who we are. We are Light beings, returning here in a multitude of Human forms to use our Energy of Creation for the evolution of the Planet and the Universe. The Light of our Soul is the Universe. And it started with Lemurians, the first society of Divine and Human beings. Now it’s full circle. A return to the beginning as we edge closer to the Galactic moment of the December Solstice. It is our plantetary Awakening. We can move through the Veil, past the illusion and remember who we are. Lemuria is calling. Feel it in your heart. Old Souls will know for it is the Sacred connection. It is time for Unity and Peace. There is no Separation. It is time to Heal.


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