we are what we think

It’s commonly known our thoughts carry Energy. They are a powerful force of creation and when combined with the Cosmic mix of the Law of Attraction, Karmic forces and the chosen direction of our own Life Purpose, they can influence what presents itself to us in the guise of our daily life situation. But although this is commonly known it may not be truly understood until the experience of recognizing less than positive thought patterns occurs within our own life. And it’s not only our mind-based conscious thoughts sending out the signals, they can be subconscious too and this is where it can become complex as we could be consciously saying and thinking one thing but our subconscious can be sending out the opposite message. And typically, if a thought or belief is held within the subconscious it is likely to be connected to a strong emotion or past hurt and because of this intensity, will have a much greater power to override what’s in the conscious mind. This year has proven to be an Awakening for me in this area as for the past several years I’ve struggled with the same problems. I thought I was doing everything I could possibly do to make the conscious life changes to overcome these problems but relief never came. Or if it did, it didn’t last long. And even with regular meditation, affirmations and journal writing, I wasn’t able to get out of the pattern so one day, with growing frustration and desperation, I booked a random appointment with a Healer I didn’t know. She worked on me in 3 different sessions over 3 months and each time something deeply hidden would rise that I had no conscious awareness of. Betrayal, guilt, self punishment. Very strong and damaging beliefs to be carrying around in my subconscious. The technique she used was Theta Healing and through her intuitive skill, not only were these subconscious blocks finally healed and released but I also experienced my own epiphany of realizing where they had come from and how they had been sabotaging all my conscious efforts to move forward. I’ve now trained in Theta Healing and in the 6 weeks since my course I feel like a different person and truly believe that in the mix of Cosmic Energy that directs our life, it our own thoughts that hold the power. I already knew Energy Healing is a powerful tool but with those hidden blocks out of the way, my daily positive affirmations now have a chance to take affect. So much so and possibly with the added boost of helpful planets, I’ve already been able to overcome the biggest problem that’s held me back for the last 3 years.


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