the daily planets

Have you ever wondered how the energy of the day can change so dramatically? No matter what we do in our daily life, we can get out of bed at the same time each morning and know the day ahead will be nothing like the day before. And even if we do the same activities, there will be a difference to how we think, how we communicate, how we feel and how we manage our emotions. The reason for this, whether we understand it or not, is that we are energetic beings. We have magnetic fields around us, our Light Body or Aura, which is influenced by the magnetic fields around our planet, the magnetic fields of other planets and the magnetic radiation pushed out by the Sun. The energy of each day is symbolic of the interaction of these planetary energies, affecting us in different ways as they highlight the different aspects of our psyche according to our own personal imprint as determined by the location and timing of our birth. The Moon is also a significant factor in contributing to the energies of the day as she moves through her own cycle from Dark to Full to New. Sometimes she is void of other planetary influences and other times, as is happening now, she moves into the energy of other major alignments which can intensify the impact of these alignments. So as we feel the energy building towards this next Full Moon, it’s worth knowing the Full Moon will trigger the slow moving Uranus Pluto square. This is challenging energy in anyone’s book and although it will play out differently according to the attributes of our own charts, if we know where Uranus and Pluto are we can anticipate which area of our life will be triggered by the added tensions. Astrology is one of the oldest sciences and the more we learn how it plays out over our own personal imprint, the more we can become aware of the patterns that colour our life and the easier it becomes to understand why the energy of today was so different to yesterday.


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