There’s so much advice floating around for all the things we should be doing to improve our Spiritual Development but sometimes the only thing we need to do is to do nothing. By slowing down and regularly finding quiet moments of stillness, we can listen to the rhythms of our own body and tune into the messages already within us. Believing in our own feelings as our own personal guidance system does more for our personal development than anything else. And that’s all this journey is about. Learning to trust our own sense of judgement for doing what feels right for us at our own pace and in our style. So sometimes we don’t need to be thinking about the now or the past or even what’s coming up in the future. All we need to do is stop. Stop the words. Stop the thinking. Stop the noise. Stop everything and just breathe. Breath is what carries our Spiritual Energy throughout our body and the more we tune in and feel it moving throughout our physical form the more we will connect to the energy of our inner self. I feel breath as electric energy flowing around my body and within only a few moments of tuning into it I can feel my light body expand. It’s so simple. And no one needs to tell us how to do it. It’s already within us. All we need to do is slow down and connect with it. Be still. Be quiet and take time to Breathe.


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