a new light

I’m in recovery mode after having spent the last 2 weeks rebuilding my computer and all of its contents. I work freelance from home and with limited resources for tech advice and updates, my Apple was loaded with programs and files that were beyond outdated. I’m so grateful now for whichever fairy encouraged me to buy a good backup drive as without it the situation would have been a complete disaster. But even so, it was a frustrating struggle persevering with a dying machine as I attempted to retrieve personal documents that weren’t saved elsewhere. When I thought I’d lost the lot I felt nothing less than ill and it made me wonder why I’ve always backed up professional files daily but never given my personal files the same attention. It forced me to do a major rethink not only in how I manage my whole electronic system but to appreciate the value I put on those documents. It was time for a major change, to get myself out of old habits and into the new systems of Time Machine, software updates and even planning ahead for new programs. It’s brought on a major overhaul, cleaning out all the old and unnecessary things and streamlining how I store and manage the information that’s important. And given the current astrological energy of the moment, it is all very fitting as we enter the new age of change. Tomorrow sees the 2nd of 7 challenging alignments between Uranus and Pluto that will occur over the next 4 years. These two powerful planets bring on the kind of deep transformation that triggers an element of deconstruction, weeding out the old and outdated and forcing us to not only find a new path through the debris but to embrace this new path as our new paradigm. Our new normal. And no matter which part of our life it is happening, we can be assured it is encouraging us to simplify and declutter, to value our autonomy and find greater respect for our own authenticity. Our new perspective is lighting the way forward.


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