soul life

I’ve been reading Journey of Souls, a study of the Spiritual world published many years ago but what’s intrigued me most about this research on Souls is that they carry an identity of their own, character traits which remain eternal. I never fully understood what Souls did between their Earthly visits but given there are 7 billion Souls currently on the planet it’s not surprising to learn there is a very structured existence in the Spiritual world. A Soul lives to grow and this expansion comes through creation and learning. To facilitate the learning there is much study undertaken while in Light form which is complemented by experience gained in 3D form in the physical worlds. Younger Souls will have more incarnations than older Souls as the process of learning is deepened from the physical experience rather than just from studying the possibilities. But as the number of incarnations increases, the memories of those experiences can colour a Soul’s identity. Similarly, a Soul’s character will favour certain types of experiences which can also have the affect of creating a sense of unease when encouraged to live through experiences that push the boundaries. There is much consideration put into the planning of each life experience, reinforcing from our Earthly perspective that nothing is a coincidence. Everything happens as part of the potentials set out for the purpose of each lifetime and this is where the sense of ‘de ja vu’ comes from. We are tapping into a Soul memory of one of the possibilities we established during our planning sessions. Souls can also choose to live out the positive and negative of each desired lesson which is the basis of Karma or the rebalancing of energy, which can also occur over several lifetimes. The one thing that does cross the Spiritual and Earthly dimensions is a Soul’s positive essence. The goal of physical life is always to live out the experience from the highest perspective and although this is not always achieved, this emphasis is never forgotten as it is our Soul’s desire to learn to live a human life while being loving, kind and respectful and to value the contribution of those who choose to assist us in the roles of our close partners. As Soul’s we aspire to help others and it is this aspect of our essence that helps form our own true identity.


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