losing the veil

We often speak of what lies beyond the Veil but the word Veil feels like a soft fabric that can be easily pushed aside if you’re looking for a clearer view and in our current reality it’s more like a wall than veil. It was deliberately set up this way for the benefit of learning without the prejudice of past memories but it’s always seemed odd to me that once we get an inkling of being part of something much grander, it’s still so hard to consciously move through the greyness. This veil of amnesia is a condition our Souls accept from birth. They arrive here knowing they will not remember their own Spiritual history but understand they will merge with the biological human to live out a chosen life experience. In this sense, each lifetime feels like the first and although the Soul always knows what’s in store for this life, the experience of being on this side of the Veil is more about forming a partnership, bringing together the Spiritual mind with the Human mind so the two may work together with the same intent of evolving towards greater wisdom. But this can be as simple or as complicated as there are variations in the individual human brain and it’s not always as straightforward as it seems. Some human minds are so caught up in the battle of their own fears they don’t allow space for their Spiritual energy but everyone is evolving at their own pace and as more people awaken to the light of their own Soul, the connection between the two worlds is strengthening. They say the density of the Veil will decrease as part of this current phase of Cosmic Evolution and that with the activation of our additional layers of DNA we will have greater power to consciously access what has previously been hidden. This could change humanity on an evolutionary scale but could very well take years beyond our own lifetime to come into effect. Even though evolution is speeding up no one really knows what the timescale of these changes will be or whether it will be gradual or sudden. The only thing that’s certain is that life on Earth will change and if the planet really is a classroom for Souls then it seems the windows are about to be pulled wide open.


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