fears for tears

We hold them in. We flick them away. We apologize when we can’t control their flow. Tears carry so much meaning and yet somewhere along the way we’ve learnt to hide our emotions, losing touch with the understanding of how they can help us. Tears bring us so much closer to the true essence of our existence, bringing meaning to our experiences through the expression of being emotionally moved by something that literally touches our Soul. Tears can show our vulnerabilities but they also open our Heart to the things that matter. In a positive situation they show our appreciation for beauty and joy. They can even be an expression of love. But when it comes to a situation of sadness they are cleansing, releasing the stronger emotions held deep within the body. Have you noticed how much clearer and lighter we feel once the tears have stopped? If we hold them in or resist their flow not only are we losing an opportunity for healing but we just push those powerful emotions further and deeper into the body. So the next time that watery feeling starts welling up the best thing we can do for ourselves is not to hide them but let them flow. No apologies. No embarrassment. There is no reason to be scared of our tears. They are a natural part of the healing process and more often than not they will end in a smile. Even if it’s just acknowledging to ourselves that we’re so glad that’s over. But when we are in these moments of pure emotion, even if it’s in distress, these are the times we drop the barriers of Ego allowing Spirit’s whispers to enter our minds. It is not only our body that is grateful for the release that comes from tears but it’s as if we intuitively know that our tears bring the precious wisdom we need.


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