comfort in kryon

Anyone familiar with the Kryon Chanellings via Lee Carroll will know of these beautiful messages of guidance being shared with Humanity from the other side of the veil. Lee has been chanelling Kryon for over 20 years and widely shares the information via his website, books and busy schedule of live seminars held around the world. I’ve been following Kryon for several years and was very excited to attend my first live channelling earlier this year, an experience I hope to repeat as the feeling of love that comes through the Kyron family is something very special. If you’re not familiar with the Kryon teachings I highly recommend Lee’s website [] where he publishes channellings, has an online shop and an extremely informative Q&A page where he has catalogued Kryon answers to every possible spiritually inclined question you could ever imagine. Kryon is a spiritual entity known as Master of Magnetic Service and works solely to support Humanity through the Universal changes of the Shift. Kryon only reveals information as we are ready to receive it and in the latest book, Kryon Book Twelve, Lee and Kryon provide detailed explanations of the purpose and meaning of the layers of our DNA in a way that has never before been revealed. This book was so enlightening I could barely put it down. But what strikes me most with the energy of Kryon is the feeling of comfort that filters through the spoken word and emanates through words on the page. Kryon carries the energy of the Spiritual realm and for me there is a deep sense of connection, a recognition I can physically feel but intuitively know is coming from the comfort of my Soul connecting with the energy of Home.


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