finding the warrior

I nearly called this blog the 12th road warrior. That was the title that came to me during meditation one night when I asked for guidance on how to get started. In the end I decided warrior sounded too aggressive for me. I have a gentle energy. I’ve always known this and although it’s taken some years to accept I’m now respectful that this is my natural nature and part of who I am. But the more adversity I face in life, the more I’m also seeing that behind that gentleness is a great inner strength. I have strong determination and a will to persevere through life’s difficulties. And God knows, there’s been many flung my way over the past decade. It seems I never get much time for a breather before the next one hits. And as I face the setbacks thrown at me this week, I watch myself gather up more of that inner strength to press on with my daily responsibilities and push through the difficulties with the resources I still have. As I become the observer, I see how I deal with challenge and realize the warrior is already there inside me. It’s also part of who I am but rather than the gentleness on the surface this is the part of my Soul that is evolving and using these experiences to expand. It’s the part that encourages me to keep trying, subtly reminding me that if we don’t push ourselves when we think everything is lost we will never discover we have the ability to overcome whatever is in front of us. It may be physically tiresome but there is personal reward in believing in our own ability to find the will and persistence to succeed. So even when we are feeling a little battle weary, we just need to remember we are never given anything in this life we can’t handle.


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