detaching from attachment

It has to be one of the hardest lessons to have to endure on this planet. Non attachment to things. And it can be anything really, treasured items, people or even places. I’ve had some hard lessons in the people department over the years, more recently it’s been places too. Today it’s treasured items. The things we rely on to give us comfort and stability in our daily life. The things that make us feel good when the people and places we love aren’t around. They may only just be things but it can be just as hard when they suddenly disappear, especially when you’re least expecting it. And even more so when you live and work alone as I do. The things I have in my life are important to me. My books, my music, my creative things and especially my pages of writings that explore everything from the mundane thoughts on what I want to do next month to the great long term lifestyle plan for the future. This is what helps me create my identity for myself. To establish what’s important to me and what I value most. It’s not just about the physical effort that’s required to replace the things when they’re gone but it’s the attachment to the dreams that’s held within them that hurts most. That’s what’s really pulling at me. It feels like all the dreams I’d been creating within my own little world have just disappeared. But what are dreams if we can’t be attached to them? That’s what makes them special. They’re ours. Detaching from what we believe in isn’t easy but in these changing times, unexpected shake-ups seem par for the course. And it’s probably only going to become more so as we move closer to December Solstice. Non attachment has never sat well with me but today’s been just another reminder of the work still to be done in these lessons of letting go.


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