the sacred six

When someone gives you a number it’s hard to know what to do with it. Do you use it as a measure or do you use it as a counter? Does it move forwards or can it go backwards? Maybe it’s not even on the linear scale and it’s more about the energy surrounding it. We like to linearize how we use numbers but they can carry all kinds of meaning. Two years ago, when I was given the number 6, I didn’t know what to do with it. Neither did the reader who saw the 6 around me. Was it a measure of time? Did it relate to days, weeks or months? Maybe it was a measure of something past rather than an indicator of something to come. I made mental notes to assess various scenarios as they came to mind but nothing significant appeared. I ticked off various dates as time passed but still there were no major changes. Since then I’ve learnt the 6 is Sacred Communication and carries the energy of Harmony, Balance and Love. In terms of our DNA layering, it relates to the Higher Self and the connection to the other side of the Veil. So this week I reached one of the possible milestones on the linear scale, 6 years. And this same week I reached a milestone in experiencing the energies of the 6, Harmony, Balance and Love. Together they symbolize a transformation that’s been 6 years in the making. A transformation that’s seen the best and worst of me transmuted over years of ongoing meditation, healing and releasing. So I now see the significance of the 6 is a turning point in this long journey of Awakening. I feel it energetically and emotionally, something’s changed and I could be standing on top of a mountain. It’s a peaceful plateau surrounded by much needed breathing space. But the 6 is also a marker for my connection to the other side as it’s through developing a bond with my own Higher Self that I now understand what it truly feels like to experience Harmony, Balance and Love through Sacred Communication.


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