a lingering healing

It’s been over 10 days since I finished my Healing course but I am still feeling the affects of the intensive healing and dna activations that were undertaken. Given I’ve probably also picked up a sickness, it has all added up to a slow week as my body integrates and balances out all the changes that have taken place. It’s typical to expect some rebalancing after any healing work as the shifts that occur within our energy ripple through our emotions or even appear as physical symptoms but after 3 intensive days of healings and activations I’m not surprised I’m still feeling the adjustments. There were some intense experiences for me, bringing insight into aspects of my deep subconscious I was only vaguely aware of and helping piece together why certain odd feelings had been strangely appearing in the week leading up to the course. This is not unusual either, as our energy is able to sense the potentials of a spiritual course or workshop we are planning to do before we even arrive. But despite the lingering illness, I’ve also had a sense of lingering healing. I feel a distinct feeling of joy, which sadly has been lacking in recent years and even a noticeable increase in appetite, which is also normally unusual for me. And most bizarrely, within 24 hours of the activations I had a weird sensation of time slowing down where I was feeling every detail of every minute of every hour. Whenever I looked at the clock I had more time than I expected, like I was living in slow motion. But now the effects of the sickness are diminishing, I’m also starting to feel the energetic changes. Most dramatically is the floaty, tingling and over-sensitized sensations of the Kundalini. After 2 years of resting, its quite possible this energy has re-awakened. Which also makes me wonder if in fact there’s nothing lingering at all. These healings and activations are occurring at a cellular level and it’s quite possible that this is how normal will feel from now on. Whatever the outcome, it should be interesting times ahead.


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