The Merkabah is the energy field or light body around every human being and is a powerful tool for connecting to the higher realms. A Hebrew word meaning ‘to ride’, the Merkabah is known as the vehicle through which we ascend as it carries the multi-dimensional aspects of our being that align with the quantum nature of cosmic energy. It also carries the energy of our DNA and for this reason can be thought of as our own Spiritual template for All that is. The form of the Merkabah is based on Sacred Geometry and is often depicted as 2 inverted triangles, or Star Tetrahedron, the point of each triangle pointing above and below and crossing over in the centre. Our Spiritual energy enters our energy field via the Chakra and Meridian systems that encompass the body and with specific meditations using visualization and breathing techniques, we can encourage the Merkabah to activate or rotate, which creates a spinning sensation and a convergence at the centrepoint that resonates with Universal energy, opening our field to the subtle energies of higher consciousness. As we move through the purification process to raise our own vibration, the level of light held in our Merkabah increases, staying with us as we move around in our daily lives and as the Merkabah can be around 8 metres in width, this is how we can effect change on those around us and to all beings including the planet. It holds the intensity of our vibration and illuminates all that is around us, which is why those holding a high vibration emanate a light that is more often sensed rather than seen. By breathing life into our Merkabah we can start the process of expanding our light body, bringing a greater awareness of the expanded consciousness in the higher realms and creating a deeper connection to our own Higher Self.


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