cosmic evolution

It can be one thing to sit quietly and feel the connection to our own Spiritual Energy but if we wander further down the road of understanding what that energy is and where it comes from, it can be mind boggling to realize we’ve spent so much of our lives unaware of what’s around us. Afterall, we live on a Planet that spins on an axis and orbits around a Sun while being part of a Solar System that sits in the outer arm of a Spiral Galaxy that’s part of an even bigger Universe that exists in conjunction with billions of other Universes in a heady mix of quantum physics and multi-dimensionality. It’s no wonder many of us are Awakening to the revelation that there’s so much more to this puzzle than what we can see. We live in a complex mix of Sacredness and Science and the current phase of cosmic evolution is making sure we know it. It’s an intertwining of all that we have known with all that is unknown. Only it’s not unknown, it just been hidden for so long we’ve forgotten. But now is the time for remembering and for knowing we are all here to contribute our energy to the Great Shift, a major transition in cosmic evolution that will see our true Divine nature revealed. There are several major phases to the Shift, some are already complete and others yet to commence. The Earth’s magnetics have moved, the Alignment with the Galactic Centre is happening, the Crystalline Grid has been reset. Now it’s getting personal as our DNA evolves. There is much being said about the activation of our 12 layers or strands of DNA but they’re not separate elements, more a melding of energies with specific purpose. Humanity has always had these energies, they’ve just become dormant over time through the actions of free choice, we have literally devolved to about 30% of our original design. Ascended Masters that walked the planet in earlier times had their DNA at 100%, embodying the full and powerful energy of the Creator. That is our potential but activation is gradual and we must give Intent to the process. But as our cellular structure changes, great spiritual gifts will be unlocked enabling us to be at One with our true Life Purpose, our Higher Self, our Lemurian origins and the great wisdom held in the experience all of our lifetimes. Our biology will also become more efficient. This is the next level of cosmic evolution and it coincides with the natural evolution of the planetary cycles. We are all connected, all made of the same star energy and as the Planet shifts into a multi-dimensional state so does Humanity. In ancient times we were already there and now it is time to return.


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