discovering lilith

Black Moon Lilith. I have only come across this astrological body in the last year or so and am still learning of the true meaning of her influence. Lilith is known as the original Goddess, the original wife of Adam but when he wished for her to take on a submissive role as wife she refused and left the Garden of Eden on her own accord, refusing to return. Lilith’s passion to stand her ground as her own woman has been used to represent the darker side of Feminine energy but it seems no mistake that her energy is emanating more strongly now with the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine. Her strength and confidence contrasts with the introspective nature of the Moon and she is therefore known as the Black or Dark Moon, which is an abstract void in space occupying the point in the Moon’s eliptical orbit furthest from the Earth’s position. Lilith’s astrological influence highlights the areas of our life where we may have frustrations related to desire or where we may need to let go of something. Lilith encourages us to trust that when we truly let go of what is no longer supporting us, Sacred energy will fill the void we have created and carry us towards that which aligns with our true purpose and highest good. I am personally feeling the energy of Lilith as she sits in my natal chart at 24 Gemini, the point on which Venus turned retrograde in mid-May and which she has just passed over again in the last 24hrs as she now begins to move forward into new ground. On both these occasions, Venus has been in aspect to Saturn, the planet of lessons, and with the theme of letting go being so prevalent in recent months it would seem Lilith is giving me strength to find my own ground.


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