sun meets pluto

It never stops. One day you’re up, the next day you’re down. You feel like you’re taking good, strong, positive steps forward then one day you’re unexpectedly knocked back down again pushing you so far back it feels like all you ever do is walk the same 3 steps forward and 5 steps back. Are they tests? Are they random occurrences set up to strengthen our resolve and determination or is it just the astrological drama that comes when the Sun meets Pluto, the well known instigator of deep transformation that’s usually delivered through the process of relinquishing something you’ve become attached to. As I write these words I feel my Crown Chakra tingle. I’m not surprised since I’ve been in communication with the other side most of the afternoon. I’ve had it all today, from meditative insights to ego tantrums but as I sit here to process all that Pluto has stirred up, something’s telling me it’s not about continually fighting the tide of disappointment. It is simply learning forgiveness and compassion. We’ll be given the same set of challenging circumstances over and over until we change the pattern of how we react to them as it’s only when we can face unpleasant truths with forgiveness and compassion rather than anger and disappointment that we can take control of our emotions and truly move forward into the mastery of our power. It’s one thing to say living from the Heart is the way of the future but it’s another to actually allow the Heart to embrace the totality of all that is life and that is where the real mastery begins.


2 thoughts on “sun meets pluto

  1. Hello there! This post also reminds me of the retrograde energy in the sky at the moment (Merc, Chiron, Uranus and Pluto!)…that feeling of being stuck. This energy gives us the opportuntiy find another perspective and a chance to question our Modus Operandi. A chance for illumination of the situation when the sun goes opposite Neptune and Chiron. Blessings.

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