12 lines of gratitude

It’s been about 12 weeks on the 12th road and it feels like a time to share my feeling of gratitude. I started this blog with little idea how it would evolve and in the energy of numbers I see that the 12 reduces to a 3 (catalyst, creative), it carries the energy of the 6 (sacred, communication) and sits next to the 11 (illumination, awakening), which is a fitting description for the journey so far. And funnily enough if I add up the total number of views, likes and followers that have also come along so far, this number also reduces to a 12. Sharing knowledge and awareness as a foundation for understanding our own spiritual truth is the basis of all that I write and so on this 22 master number day (master builder), I take a moment to extend out a big thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in travelling down the 12th road.


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