soul connections

One of the simplest analogies I’ve found for understanding Soul connections is in Working With Your Soul, where the Soul is likened to a branch on a tree, separate in it’s own existence but connected to a Soul Family via other branches on the same tree and supported by a wider Soul Group via other trees in the same forest. When the Soul incarnates on Earth, it does so with a set program, choosing all the elements that make up the physical side of life so as to best achieve the agreed purpose, only to return to the tree after death to integrate all that has been learnt and experienced to the well of wisdom that is the Soul’s central consciousness. Understanding the evolution of the Soul requires open acceptance of reincarnation and although it is the one Soul directing each life experience, it is a different experience each time, with a different purpose, personality and gender and with the biological influences, different physical body and family dynamics and most likely a different geographical location. So back on the tree, these many lifetimes are represented by the many leaves on the Soul branch, each leaf being the many opportunities the Soul has for incarnation. Each leaf will have either a strong Yin or Yang energy and more than one leaf may or may not incarnate at the same time. If they do and they find each other, they are known as Soul Mates, a different leaf from the same branch or different spark of the same Soul. Soul mates can have platonic or romantic relationships and will recognize each other with a sense of familiarity when meeting as they have often known each other from other times and places. This is different to Twin Souls who are the Yin and Yang aspects of the same spark of the same Soul. These connections can also be romantic or platonic but being identical sparks they will have the same life purpose if they incarnate at the same time so if they meet it will be for the purpose of working together to achieve the same goal. Other kinds of meaningful relationships are also available through the connections within our Soul Family and the wider Soul Group. Both these connections can incarnate as people with whom we have significant relationships such as our immediate or extended family or those who help support us through the complex arrangements of each of our Soul contracts. Even people we may consider to be our Karmic teachers are part of our Soul group. In fact all relationships we encounter, whether they be positive or negative, are pre-arranged by the higher aspects of our Soul for the benefit of our conscious learning and the continuation of our Soul’s eternal evolution.


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