The moon has moved into Virgo and so it’s a day for getting things done but it doesn’t feel quite that way for me. I’m more on the wiped out end of the scale, feeling the effects of a draining week of waking up tired with a dizzy mix of blurred vision, lightheadedness and nausea. There’s been cosmic clashes, solar flares and endless aspects in the astrological soup and as I’ve had to keep pushing through the weekend with my day job, today my body is craving rest. A day off. And so it is. I give myself a day of Rejuvenation. And I’m feeling lucky as although it’s mid-winter, the warm winter sun is shining and with the beach 50 steps from my front door and rolling green hills 10 mins drive away, the outdoors is enticing me. So in the energy of Virgo, I make a plan, organizing errands before embarking on a day of activities to revitalize. Firstly I make my favourite muffins, wrapping one to take with me, drop off some post, collect a latte from my local cafe and head to the hills. There are walking tracks and lookout points close to where I live that I’ve yet to discover and so I park the car and walk. It’s unusually warm in the sun but crisp under the trees but catching a glimpse out through the forest to the nearby coastline or back over the green hills as I climb the hilly walking track is what the day is about. There are no other people around, just unidentified rustlings in the undergrowth and a variety of birds moving through the trees above me. Several kilometers in I come across a small dam deep in a valley, so still its reflections are indiscernible from the trees around it. This is stillness in nature and peace for the Mind and Body. For the Soul, well synchronicity took care of that. A flyer caught my attention in the cafe for a Spiritual group that meets monthly in my local area, presenting me with an opportunity to now meet new like-minded people. For a simple day of finding pleasure in nature, of finding peace in Solitude, it’s been rejuvenating for Mind, Body and Soul.


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