a quiet heart

I have a quiet heart today. It’s not longing for anything or hurting for anyone. It just is. Almost in a calm and peaceful way. Our hearts are so fragile, so easily entangled with all that’s whirling around us we can forget to tune in and listen to their rhythms. My own heart speaks very softly and I intuitively know it’s always whispering to me but my mind is so direct that the whispers are often lost in transit. It takes constant practice to turn this around, to allow the whispers to be the guiding voice and with the New Moon in Cancer now upon us it’s a perfect opportunity to strengthen the connection. I’ve had several experiences where the whispers have suddenly become loud and clear. It’s felt so odd and unusual that it made me look around as if someone was standing over me but then felt so liberating afterwards, like a blockage had been cleared. And I guess that’s what happened. The channel from my Heart to my thoughts has finally opened. So on days like this I honour the connection and make choices that make my Heart sing. For me this is easiest done through music as when I resonate with a delicate or rich soundscape, I can immediately feel my Heart expand and my energy field rise to a higher level, like being carried into a higher energy on the notes of a song. Music is inspiring on so many levels so with my selected compositions in the background, I’ll be honouring the energy of this Cancer New Moon and tuning into the whispers of a quiet heart that no longer feels it’s not being heard.

[for exquisite new age compositions see: www.andrewforrest.co.nz]


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