light of the soul

It is the duality of Human Beings to be both Biological and Divine at the one time but when we sit in stillness and connect to the energy within we are tuning in to our Divine Energy, the spark of light that is the energy of our Soul. And with our increasing awareness that each Soul is connected to a Higher Consciousness, an inter-dimensional energy that fills the Cosmos, we can also see that this Divine or Soul energy must transform at our birth in order for each of us to take on a physical 3D existence. This transformation is like a fragmentation, where the energy splits off into several fragments to form pieces of ourselves that support our existence on Earth. There is the Spirit, the part of our Soul that provides vitality to our biological form, the Higher Self which comes through within our DNA but remains in a observational role in a quantum form, the fragments we call our personal Guides and Angels and the fragments that remain on the other side of the Veil that work to support our desires through our free choice of co-creation. Then there is the fragment known as the Akashic Record, an imprint of each individual Soul that is recorded on the crystal core of the Earth in the energy of Gaia. All these elements are whole when we are not on Earth but even when they are fragmented, the Higher Self is the directive element, guiding our decisions and setting the context for what our Soul Purpose will entail for each incarnation. But once we are here, we are born into a world of Free Will so it is entirely our own choice as to whether we accept our biological existence for what it is or choose to seek the path of enlightenment and travel through the veil of forgetfulness in search of our true origins and the divinity of our own Higher Purpose. The Soul or Higher Self, is the element that holds the expanding wisdom we gain from our different lifetimes and the activation of our DNA currently occurring as we consciously raise our own vibration through Ascension and Spiritual Awakening is the key to bringing us closer to this Divine energy while in human form, as our Soul is the part of our ourselves that is already vibrating at the frequency of the higher dimensions.


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