understanding energy

In finding my own Spiritual Energy, I understand what it means as an individual to energetically rise into lightness and descend into darkness but energy is everywhere. It is the essence of our existence. Everything that exists is made up of energy and as energy connects to other energy and can even influence the existence or activity of other energy, so the energy of Human Beings, or the Soul, which is made up of Light (energy), can connect with the Light of other Souls. Therefore, all Souls on the planet are energetically connected via a matrix of Soul energy. Energy also carries a frequency or Vibration, and the level of Light that a Soul holds will influence the level of its Vibration. Therefore, as each Soul is connected via Energy and each Soul carries a different level of Vibration, there will be a levelling out of the overall group vibration across the planet. A lower vibration feels heavy and dark and is associated with negativity, fear and suffering and the Ego. A higher vibration is lighter, clearer and brighter and is associated with positivity, love, peace and compassion and the Soul. But its not just humans that carry energy, it is the essence of all living beings including the animals, trees and plants, the oceans and the planet herself, Gaia. We all interact and influence each other and can sense another’s vibration through our body, a higher vibration will feel very attractive to be around while we may sense an odd or bad vibe in people carrying a lower vibration. A higher vibration will find it unpleasant to be around a lower vibration but in times gone by, the energy of the Ego has dominated the planet and the level of the group vibration has descended to a lower, dark and heavy energy that no longer aligns with the purpose of Humanity. Through the Universal Consciousness Shift we are now experiencing a rebalancing of Energy where under the guidance of all that lies beyond the Veil, many Souls are Awakening to the Light of their Soul Energy and raising their own individual Vibration through Ascension (purging of lower energies) and DNA activation. This will increase the overall group vibration with the theory that once a certain percentage reaches a certain level, all of humanity will automatically rise to the new level together. This won’t happen overnight, it’s a process that may take generations but as Consciousness is the awareness of existence, so the rising of Human Consciousness is the shift from an Ego based reality to recognizing the higher purpose of Life, of remembering who we are and knowing where we came from. It is not only recognizing the Light of our own Soul but is living life from the Truth of the Soul, trusting in life that the Soul brings and to know that the Light within our Hearts is really the magic of our own Truth.


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