releasing the past

I’ve been doing alot of reflecting these past weeks. It’s been a time of what I could call more Isolation but if I’m truthful to myself, this period feels more like Respite. I say, could call, as that’s how I would’ve automatically labelled this type of alone time in the past. I’ve spent so many years in a cycle of change where I’ve not done much other than search for the Spiritual meaning behind my fractured life that the feeling of aloneness is nothing new to me. Loneliness is part of the Ascension journey, as it is for any spiritual shift, as sorting yourself out while your body adjusts to its new vibration can only be a personal experience. But as my readjustment went on for several years, I came to identify myself through the eyes of others who could only see the physical effects of the process. There may have been extraordinary changes going on in my inner world but externally all I seemed to do was continually pick up the pieces of a life crumbling under the strain of what felt like relentless reordering. I couldn’t get it together and became stuck in a limiting pattern of believing in the past and seeing the experiences of the readjustment as my future rather than a temporary reality. Earlier this year I received an intuitive message that my experience was over and I was free to move on to something new but there’s been little movement in my outer life and if anything, the last few months have felt like being dragged back into more of the same. But now I’ve received another message that the past no longer matters. It has created who I am but it is no longer relevant to where I am now. It feels as if the slate has been wiped clean and if l truly listen to what I’m feeling, I can see that all the questioning and analyzing I’d been doing was nothing more than my Ego clinging to a life that no longer exists. So now I’m able to feel Respite rather than Isolation and be more spiritually connected to the Energy of Co-Creation than ever before. There is a new energy and it’s showing me what it truly means to let go of the past and how moving forward is all hinged on our ability to make peace with what’s gone before as it’s only when we can release ourselves from the experience of the past that the light of the new will slowly become visible. I believe in that now and for the first time since relocating 6 weeks ago, I see new life here. I’ve reconnected to that intuitive part of me that originally led me to start fresh in this little coastal village all those weeks ago and as the heaviness of Isolation lifts, the new light of hope is surely showing me that what had seemed mostly impossible until now, is surely very close to being possible.


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