the script of life

Have you ever stepped back from the busyness of life and thought about the bigger picture of how life plays out around us. We all have our lead roles in the movie of our own life and it’s probably likely that if we were able to read the script from a 3D perspective before we accepted the role, some of us would probably have rejected it or at least had a good laugh. Whether the script is a pleasant family comedy, a dark and complicated melodrama or a quirky view of life on the edge, we all have a different theme to our existence which reflects the goals of our Soul. The challenge is to become more aware of these goals so our hearts and minds can come together as One and co-create life experiences that lead us toward our Soul Purpose rather than away from it. From my experience though, if you stray too far off course the Universe has its way of shaking things up and effectively throwing you back on track whether you are aware of it or not. You can’t stray too far without life becoming uncomfortable. But even so, the Soul plan isn’t always roses and rainbows. The very core of human existence is centred on duality and it is only through experiencing the contrasts of pleasure and pain that we can appreciate one over the other. I’ve had plenty of contrasts in my own life and if I look back over events so far it makes me laugh as when I think back to being a child, never could I have imagined the script of my life to read something like … You will recognize your creative talent early and work extremely hard in an unappreciative profession, struggle with relationships and marry the wrong person only to escape a life of no love by suddenly moving to an isolated tropical paradise where you will meet many beautiful people and get caught in the intrigue of musicians and foreigners while experiencing a life crisis of loneliness, boredom, depression, immense loss and emotional upheaval which uncovers a deep interest in Metaphysics and awakens your own healing abilities through extraordinary experiences with psychics, intuitives, healing circles and meditation groups which offer support through a period of rapid spiritual growth but doesn’t alleviate the symptoms of what you later learn to be Ascension which causes havoc with your working life, pushing you to reluctantly leave the peaceful community under severe financial stress, which creates a fog of wrong turns, dead ends and detours before leading you back to the place where you started where after a challenging period of delays, you intuitively travel down a road to an unexpected new beginning in the last place you could ever imagine that will slowly reveal the life you’ve been searching for while you continue to question your place in the world and grapple with how to surrender the conflicts of earthly and spiritual life to the Universe without becoming too passive about where you’re headed, why and who with …


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