easing a bumpy road

Life can feel like a rollercoaster at times, particularly if you’re experiencing Ascension symptoms on top of the shifts in this current Astrological energy. So it’s important to remember to take time out for yourself, to respect your sensitivities and to learn more about the physical and spiritual changes taking place. The journey can be physically and emotionally draining but wherever it takes you, there are simple things you can do to bring more peace into your world.

Slow down: Wherever possible, do less, rest and simplify life. The more you can lessen the burden of daily life and take more quiet time for yourself, the easier it will be to move through the changes.

Be in nature: Spend more time in nature, whether it’s just taking a walk, being in a forest or sitting on the beach, any time spent outdoors in a natural environment will be healing. The Earth is ascending too so the higher vibration of Gaia will help keep you in alignment with your own process. Swimming in saltwater is also clarifying for the Aura and generally restoring for our wellbeing.

Go organic: Choosing natural foods and eliminating toxic products around the home will become a natural choice as your body adjusts to a higher vibration.

Reduce exposure to crowds and noise: I find as I grow spiritually I’m less able to tolerate noisy and crowded environments. At one point I went through a period where any kind of noise would pierce right through me and I could barely tolerate the sound of a car driving down the street. Shopping malls are a definite no and I now choose to stay away from any crowded places.

No media: Turn off the television and radio and take a break from newspapers and magazines. At first you may feel lost but you’ll soon find that time without mind numbing programs or irritating advertising blasting at you is actually a benefit to your peace of mind.

Read books: Read, read and read more. The more informed we become about learning what is happening, the more we can make decisions that will be right for us.

Start journalling: Spend a little time each day writing your personal desires, dreams, concerns, questions or other thoughts in a journal. It’s a creative way to get to know yourself, discover your patterns and find answers to your problems. It’s also a great way to release frustration if there is no other outlet for expressing your deepest and darkest thoughts during difficult periods of loss and readjustment.

Listen to soft music: There’s no question that relaxation or new age music soothes the Soul. It not only relaxes but also helps move through emotions, settle frustrated thoughts and create a quietened state where your inner voice has a chance to be heard.

Meditate: The more time we allow to reflect on our life through a regular meditation practice, the more likely we are to connect with the direction of our own Soul and Higher Self.

Use crystals: Learning of the metaphysical properties of Crystals and how they benefit our wellbeing is a wonderful activity for connecting with the energy of the Earth.

Find a Healer: If life does become overwhelming, there is much to be gained by visiting a Healer, a Clairvoyant or even a Spiritual Counsellor. I’ve used all 3 many times and the insights into my own life I’ve gained through the eyes of another practitioner has given me some of the most rewarding experiences on this journey.

Surrender: Most of all, try not to resist. The process of Ascension and Awakening involves uncomfortable experiences of loss, isolation, confusion and even depression, so if you need extra support, ask for it. But try to remember the shifts are leading you to a sacred place. Be kind to yourself.


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