truth in stillness

How often do we read that these are changing times. Or it could be challenging times, depending on our perspective. How we deal with change is an indicator of how we move through life’s challenges. We can either open our minds and see the situation from a different point of view or remain stuck in our old ways and hope things will return to how they once were. There’s no doubt some relief would be welcome after the intensity of the past 6 weeks but it’s unlikely things will ever be as they were. We are on a search for Truth now, looking for answers that will lead us towards our true Life Purpose, our own Authenticity and perhaps to our own Heart. But it can be difficult to see which way to go when the changes brought before us create endless noise and clutter whirling around our busy minds. Over-analyzing, worry and self-doubt all act like static on a radio, interfering with the clarity of our own sense of direction. And it seems the real challenge is not moving past whatever is in front of us but to take control of our own thoughts and reactions so as to overcome the emotional patterns that automatically come up from past experiences. It’s like reminding ourselves of the basic rules that help create a more peaceful environment rather than allowing ourselves to unconsciously descend into a chaotic one. That’s where I sit now. All the failings in my life have come up for review these past weeks, all pushing and pulling at me in different ways that did nothing but create exhaustion and disconnect me from stillness. But as the energy settles, I’m reminded that sitting with stillness is where true guidance is found and although it may not yet be possible for me to be so free of attachments so as to move through life’s changes without any emotional reaction, it is possible for me to take control of my thought patterns and to flow with the energy in a more positive way. So despite having to start over again with very little, I can dwell on what has been lost or I can choose to see this time as an opportunity where life is giving me a blank canvas, ready and waiting for the first strokes of inspiration.


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