life as an island

The light of Venus has come and gone and although we may have felt the blessings of her light, she has also cast a shadow, highlighting parts of our psyche or even our lives that we may be less than happy with. It’s the duality in the nature of our existence that’s showing up, the light vs dark, past vs present, separateness vs connectedness, even what we want vs what we don’t have. It’s been a real challenge to retain balance over these past few weeks as we are confronted with choices about our lives and how we live them. Personally, I have an old pattern of withdrawing during difficult times, more as a form of self-protection than anything else and lately it’s felt as if I could be an island. I’ve moved to my new town alone and spend much of this settling in time walking through the nature reserve high up on the cliff top or down on the beach in the blustering winter breeze. These are the times we need the nurturing and compassion of others and I’ve gratefully received the distant help of generous family and friends. But what is coming up strongly now is who I am and why am I here in both a Physical and a Spiritual sense. What is it that I want from this experience and how can I connect with it if it’s not yet within me. I like how some are calling 2012 the year for healing the wounds of separation and although there are those of us who could take this literally, I believe it is more of a Metaphysical separation than a Physical one. It’s the healing of separation from Self, from our Soul and the Source energy of our Creator. We understand now that 2012 is the catalyst for raising our consciousness to reconnect to our true selves, of recognizing who we are and why we are here, of seeing how we really are all connected and to reach out in Unity and Love. They’re themes that come up often for me and given I spend the majority of my time in solitude, it hints at a life lesson in my own journey of healing and awakening.


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