crystals of compassion

Mystics have always known of the energetic abilities of human beings and that of the planet but 3D science is only catching up. But along with everything else, the progress of science is increasing rapidly with developments in the realm of quantum physics bringing mathematical theories forward revealing that at its very essence, everything carries a vibration. And that’s what life is. All life is energy. All energy carries a vibration and as everything is connected, it’s the potential of this vibration that influences our own reality. But there is more happening now in 2012 as the process of recalibration takes place. Everything is shifting. From the DNA of human beings, to Gaia herself and the matrix of magnetic and crystalline grids that exist around her, as the Kundalini of the planet shifts to the Southern Hemisphere and the frequent and significant astrological events bring in new energy. It is a rebalancing of the planet. It is the emergence of the Divine Feminine and the arrival of Compassion. Crystals are the only rocks on Earth to hold a vibration and the physics of their structure enables them to connect and retain the energy of events that have occurred on the planet. A friend recently told me of a story he was reading of a woman who experienced the energy of war on a northern French beach 30 years after the event took place. The dark energy of death and suffering is strong so when some people have visited places where atrocities have occurred, the energy of those events can still be experienced through the memory of the vibration held deep in the Earth. But this energy is also shifting. As the crystalline core is cleansed, the dark energy will be cleared and the crystal structure will be reprogrammed to amplify the energy of Compassion. So it will be the places where healing has occurred that will radiate a stronger vibration. Our world will soften and Gaia will hold the memories of a humanity that’s centred on Love and Unity rather than the heavy and dark energy of the past. The energy of the future is of the Heart and what better way to feel it than for it to emanate from the very core of our own Earth.


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