can you feel it?

Can you feel the magic of Venus? She starts her 6 hour Transit of the Sun right about now and it seems everyone has a positive spin on this astrological moment. Not so much because it’s Venus, and afterall she is the planet of Love, Money and all things beautiful but because it’s such as rare occurrence within our star system. If you haven’t read the details already, these Transits happen in pairs, 8 years apart, every 105 years. That means this Transit relates back to June 2004, so whatever was seeded back then is likely to be linked to what comes up now. Equally significant, is the placement of the Transit within days of the full moon lunar eclipse, while Venus is Retrograde, all within the middle degrees of Gemini. Gemini, of course, rules communication and yesterday I personally received 4 positive messages offering opportunity, special consideration and payments. They may have been a day early but I’m counting all of them as my gifts from Venus, particularly as they directly relate to my new direction as a freelancer and establishing myself in a significant time of change. Some say it can be a second chance at what we were wanting for ourselves back in 2004 but whatever it brings, it’s likely to be blessed with hope and creativity as we move forward in bringing our dreams closer to our reality.


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