understanding our ailments

I’m very lucky with my health as I’m hardly ever ill but for the past 2 weeks I’ve been living with bad back pain. It came on very quickly but fortunately now appears to be getting better but for awhile it was very uncomfortable to sit, lie down or even move around. There wasn’t much I could do so it prompted me to go back to my knowledge and remind myself of what was really behind my pain. Lack of support. Or at least my belief in a lack of support. Which wasn’t actually true but was what my mind had created during the stressful period of finding somewhere new to live. With 7 days to move out of my city apartment, I still had nowhere to go and for a few intense days wasn’t sure if I would have a roof over my head. I went into panic mode and feeling emotionally alone and unsupported, cue up the painfully aching back right on moving day. It’s fascinating to discover how the human body actually works as we have 7 bodies in total, the Physical body we can see and 6 other bodies which make up our Aura, the Etheric, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Astral and Celestial bodies. Our emotions are messages from our Auric body informing us that something is out of balance, that beliefs we are holding or issues we are immersed in are stopping the flow of positive energy. If we ignore these messages, the negativity they’re related to remains in the Physical body and manifests as illness in order to further get our attention. If we still ignore them, they can lead to disease which is an unnatural state for the body and of course can then take over our life. There are very specific Metaphysical explanations for every illness and disease and what beliefs or emotions are behind them. For instance, the left side of the body relates to our spiritual or feminine side and the right side relates to our material or masculine side and in a very general sense, ailments in the legs relate to life direction, in the knees relates to inflexibility, the stomach area relates to identity, the back relates to support, hands and arms relate to doing, the throat is about relating to others and the head relates to what’s going on in front of us. There are further definitions according to whether the ailment is affecting bones, muscles, tendons, nerves or skin etc and of course, knowledge of our Chakras and the regions they control also helps. The key is to understand what it is that our body is trying to communicate to us as once we’ve become aware of the emotional or mental cause that’s behind our ailments, we have a much better standing of doing the conscious work to change our thoughts and beliefs and start the process of our own natural healing.


2 thoughts on “understanding our ailments

  1. I’ve never thought much about the meaning of the number, it just gives me a natural sense of completion but thanks for the comment….I’ll go do some numerology research now 🙂

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