the silent mothers

Mother’s Day can be an uneasy day for those of us who are not mothers. We highly value the success of conceiving a child and it is the most powerful creation we as humans can achieve, but there’s little expression in our world for women who have lost a child before life begins. This is part of my story. I wanted to be a mother but every attempt failed and the possibility of having a child is now less and less likely. Friends tell me becoming a mother changes their life and I have no doubt they’re right, but the emotions that come with not becoming a mother can be equally overwhelming. It tests the value we hold on ourselves as women. Feminine energy is naturally nurturing, caring and compassionate and we need to remind ourselves that we all have these elements within us whether there’s a child in our life or not. Not all women find it easy to become mothers and for some, it can be a distressing experience. So I say it’s a day for all women, to those of us with children, to those of us with memories of children and to those of us that haven’t had the chance for either. We are all mothers of the Earth.


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