kundalini delight

A few years ago I was heavily immersed in a cycle of transition. Living alone with no regular routine, it was a time of isolation and contemplation and through a daily meditation practice I experienced the most incredible sensation of a spontaneous Kundalini awakening. I knew very little of Kundalini at the time and have since read more to learn of this energy. Everyone’s story is unique but the indescribable feeling of bliss is what unites the experience. It is nothing but otherworldly. I had noticed the intensity of my meditations building for several months and began to feel an energy outside my body, initially as a ball around my lower back. At first I resisted it but the energy persisted, so I began to play with it, interacting with it through my thoughts as it physically moved me around my seated position. One day the energy began pushing me backward and at first I thought it wanted me to lie down but when I did this I felt nothing, so I experimented and found a position leaning back with more direct pressure on my tailbone. Once I had the position, the energy changed again and I had a sense of spinning on the spot and lifting up with the feeling of vertigo. Then it moved inside my body, intensifying in the base of my spine and as I worked through my normal process of Chakra clearing, I felt what was like a mini version of the awakening. A couple of weeks later, with the energy still intensifying and keeping me in the tailbone position, the awakening happened so unexpectedly I remember my mind chatter actually stopped for once in awe of the sensations. A rush of energy travelled up my spine coinciding with a mystical vision of the entwined coils and continued out through my Crown Chakra. My awareness went with the energy into the space above my head and the sense of my physical body immediately dissolved. I instantly became One with All. Particles of space dust. The feeling was so overwhelming beautiful it’s impossible to describe. It’s like an intense level bliss that’s from another place, so deep and unknown. I held the feeling as long as I could but with tears streaming down my face, it totally overwhelmed me and I fell to the floor wanting to simultaneously howl and gasp for breath. I did both, knowing I had touched something intensely special. When it was over, I climbed into bed and had my second beautiful experience of being touched by Spirit. But the sensations didn’t stop there. Kundalini is often described as a sexual energy, at least for the intensity of the feelings experienced and for the next 9 days, my body was so over-sensitized I felt like a walking orgasm. There is no other way to describe it, every part of my body was highly energized and aroused, the energy points were hot, the energy in my head was intense and I had regular explosions of love energy through my Heart Chakra. It felt like a cosmic bond had taken place. And maybe it had. But on the 10th day the energy suddenly dissipated and I was left tired and dazed. The energy of my meditations also changed by pulling me down into the earth and grounding me again. The magical experience was over and although I generally have a more electric floaty feeling and clearer sense of what life means, the power of the Kundalini is resting again.


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