falling into ascension

I attended a workshop last month where someone asked “what can I do to start my Ascension?” It was an odd question to me.  I’d never thought of Ascension as something we simply choose to start doing one day. It’s always felt like a deeper experience to me, one that naturally evolves through the direction of our own Soul. And once it starts, we are in for the ride of our lives whether we like it or not. Each person’s experience is probably different but mine started dramatically in 2006, when I suddenly walked out on my everyday life. I moved to the opposite end of the country, far from everything I knew leaving behind friends, work, a home, possessions and a marriage. Accepting that none of it was working very well anyway, I was at the brink and numb to the severity of what I was doing. But when the upheaval didn’t bring me the renewed sense of freedom and happiness I was expecting, I descended into a place of deep emptiness. There was nothing left in my physical life, nothing for the Ego to cling to, and this lack of identity was the catalyst for my first steps down the spiritual road as I quickly learnt we are so much more than we know. Ascension brings the merging of the physical and the spiritual. It’s a process of personal evolution that ultimately lifts our vibration to a higher consciousness but the symptoms are comparable to having a mental breakdown, literally losing our sense of self as we pass through major transitions in life often involving losing our job, family, friends and all things familiar. It’s like an undoing of what we are in order to rise again into what we can be. But we must literally feel the process of purging these lower energies in order to transmute them, therefore it can be an emotional rollercoaster as we battle depression, feel disoriented, confused and isolated and experience memory loss, fatigue, back aches and pains, bad headaches, blurred vision, dizziness, ringing in the ears, heart palpitations, increased sensitivities, odd food cravings, extreme cold and changing sleep patterns, from continually being awake between 2-5am to sleeping heavily. At times it can feel like living in a lonely dark tunnel and keeping a normal daily routine can be impossible, especially when the symptoms bring on exhaustion. But our Ascension guides are always watching over us and we are never given any experience we can’t cope with. Lightness does return once the major transitioning is over. Ascension is a process of great learning and it’s taught me that Spiritual Awakening is as much about searching for meaning in life as it is learning about the meaning of life.


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