letting go

In the light of this intense Scorpio full moon, I write the words letting go. It seems to be the theme of this lunation and of the times, as we move upward into our own truth. It’s not as easy as it should be to be in our own truth, especially when it puts us in situations that are challenging, unsettling or unpleasant. But given it’s also been called the Truth moon, this super full moon has alot going on. Much emotion is moving around, rising up and ready for release. But it’s not only emotions there’s old habits, old patterns, old attachments and even people that are no longer in alignment with our path. Anything that doesn’t serve our highest good for where we are now and where we are going is on its way out. This is a positive thing. At least it will be when the dust settles. Clinging to the past or suppressing difficult emotions as they arise is never a good thing. There is wisdom in the pain but it can be hard when the ground never seems to settle beneath our feet. Scorpio moons are time of transformation. We may not like what’s in front of us, we may not even understand it but we would do ourselves more good by taking it gently, surrendering to the process and allowing the change to transpire as it will. Afterall, this is what we wanted. This is our Awakening. We can’t take everything we’d like with us but somewhere deep within ourselves we will find the courage to let go of the old and continue on the road that’s calling us.


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