lemurian seeds

The ancient civilization of Lemuria sparks so much energy in me. I feel my Heart Chakra expand whenever I stumble across information about this culture. I first came across it while researching the later ancient city of Atlantis but it’s this civilization that draws me in. It existed for almost a million years on an ancient continent called Mu, generally located in the Pacific Ocean area around what is now Hawaii. Particular areas on the planet hold a strong connection to the Lemurian energy, particularly Mount Shasta in California, where an underground city was built prior to the cataclysm that sunk both Lemuria and Atlantis. Lemurians were highly evolved spiritual beings with a focus on Heart connection and this energy is returning to the planet as many of us awaken to our Lemurian past as part of our Ascension. Lemurian elders are in contact with many people, sharing their wisdom and guidance as we move through the physical changes of Ascension and their messages of Love are widely available for those embodying the ever increasing energy of their light. The essence of Lemuria is said to be held in the crystalline core of the Earth in a multi-dimensional frequency not yet visible to our lower 3D perception. Her crystals however, are finding their way around the planet as Lemurian Seeds, their etched sides charged with knowledge and programming in connection to the Earth’s Ascension. I know my own Lemurian Seed has visible striations to the sides and the appearance of small crystalline structures in the warm rainbow coloured base. These crystals are not yet activated but attract those who can assist with anchoring her Heart energy, an energy of Universal love and unity that brings further understanding of our own personal transformation through Ascension.


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